Friday, 16 March 2012

The staff of life – compost bins

Work starts on the all-important compost bins.

When you consider there are 16 plots at 15m x 5m, that is one heck of a lot of turf to be composted and that is before we even break into the actual hard-core growing of veg!

I’m thinking of all that wonderful loam – assuming we are still here to utilise it – a gardener is nothing if not very optimistic!


Guard dog Honey is on standby

You hold it Dad, I’ll hit it – hold it steady now!!

And the first of many bays finished


  1. Love that Dane-Doggie! And here's a question ... I want to get a smallish composting device, ready made because I don't have bespoke building facilities. Also I don't have much to spend. What would you recommend? Sz xx

  2. Would pallets be too large for your area? They can just be stacked in a 'U' shape and filled - I would line with weed-suppressant though as it's good to get heat it.

    If no room for them - the standard 'Dalek' type works very well.

  3. Thanks for that - will check out the Daleks I think as we also have rampant foxes and badgers around here and I think the Daleks are harder for them to break into??

  4. Some Councils supply these either FOC or certainly a fair bit cheaper than sourcing from a shop.

  5. Oh, thanks again! Will contact our local lot.