Saturday, 21 April 2012

Not Simon’s cat*

If you are considering buying a cat you may wish to look away.

It started at 0215hrs, oh how I hoped for it to only last for a couple of minutes, it often does now but it didn’t in the early days – it would go on for a long time back then.

I felt my finger being licked, I groan  ‘oh please stop and go to sleep’ but no it carried on, after what was considered too long with no response from me my darling cat, Cass, started to chew my fingers, I tried to hide them under the duvet, she started to nudge the duvet off me – I pulled it tight around my neck.

She upped the anti, as I was lying on my back she moved to killer position of sitting on my chest so as to breath tuna fumes over me – I like tuna – she put her paw out to touch my nose, ‘awwww’ I hear you saying ‘how sweet’, it could be seen that way up until the point that she slides the claws into my nose, but only ever so gently you understand.

I swear at her, she doesn’t like that.  She goes to lie on the bottom of the bed ‘oh bliss’ thinks I ‘it is over’.  It is never over until the fat cat says so!!

She moves to the floor and starts opening drawers (yes she does have thumbs!) and I hear my socks getting pulled out, she knows I hate cat hairs on my socks – and when she starts to open the bras and pants drawer I have to admit defeat, it is so horrid having cat hairs in your bra and pants.

I get up – noticing the time is now 0345hrs – she is nothing if not persistent.

I pinball my way down the landing, stairs and kitchen to her feeding station, one has to assume all this needing my attention would be because she is starving to death and is trying to save herself – but no oh no no no – there is still food in her bowl.  In fact, she gets to it before I do and starts munching.  I smile sweetly at her and start pinballing back up the stairs to bed – oh bliss, please let sleep come back to me quickly.

Before I make it to the bedroom I hear the cat flap – yaaaay she has gone out!  Nope, oh no no no, she clacks it, she bangs it, she clacks some more, I return to ‘attention-giving position’ by her side and check that the cat flap is in working order.  The cat flap is, indeed, in working order.

I smile sweetly at her again and just for a brief moment I consider opening the door and attempting a Jonny Wilkinsonesq drop goal – I, of course, don’t but I do find myself wondering what my pal, Mitch, (he really doesn’t like cats, I knooow, can you imagine not liking cat!) would do in my situation.

Off to bed I go and she really does go out this time.  Sleep will come now for sure – what’s that sweet sound I hear, oh my it's the birds singing!

Move to later into the day, after several cups of coffee to awaken me and guide me through the day – I go into the sitting room and there she is – Cass – sleeping soundly.  Oh how sweet she looks, don’t you agree.

So, what should I do – smile sweetly (again!) and leave the bedroom quietly or…….

*if you haven't seen Simon's cat YouTube it

Thursday, 19 April 2012

There be green there be

Whilst I was de-turfing the plot all I wanted to see was soil thereby ending the pain of turf-stripping – now I am thrilled to see green appearing amongst the freshly exposed soil.
Soon be summer :D


Just take a look at this tiny little baby
no it’s not a weed, it’s a parsnip


So wonderful to see crops actually growing now


More weeds – oh no they’re not! 
They be carrots they be 

Those stones weren't there last time!

And now for a totally nuts cat – Cass on ice!
She jumps, she lands
She turns
She sits  - on ice!
Barking I tell you

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Plot 13 - full house

So, with opening day just four weeks ago - the first sod having been cut in anger, although we weren't overly angry, more ecstatic, we are now in a situation of having a full house plus two on the waiting list!  Who said Service personal were not gardeners eh!

I remember on one of our coffee meetings, the Boss and I saying 'imagine if we have no takers and that it was just you and I digging plots' - it was our worst fear, but it was always ever groundless- thankfully!

View from my Shed
There is much in the way of canes and netting and soil-warming stuff, it is a plot in waiting!

Back at  home, a blaze of red to cheer us from the tulips and the Phoinia 'Red Robin' ...lovely

The Under-Gardener having a brief rest


Monday, 9 April 2012

The waiting game!

So here I sit, all veg beds having been cleared of turf - waiting for the ground to warm up, waiting for the rain to stop (I can't believe I'm saying that!), waiting for seeds to sprout, waiting waiting waiting.....

Whilst I wait here's a recap to remind myself that the busy times are so very very close.

Pea shoots just showing through

In just a few short weeks we are picking and munching on them - a very pleasant intro for things to come

and in four weekends from this..... this

......scary pose or what!!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Ready for action

My 15m x 5m piece of heaven is de-turfed and ready to see some action – hurrah! 

The end of the plot is where you can see the cabbage netting behind me and yep, there be cabbages under that thar tunnel.

Planted out so far are Jerusalem Artichokes, one bed of Swift first earlies, a lovely big chunk of rhubarb given to me by one of the caravan holders who has been watching on with interest as to what we are up to.  He is ex-RAF, lotties were not an option in his day he says.  Thankfully ‘they’ are now seeing sense!


Hard-core working (that you can see) has taken place in the form of runner bean canes, sweet pea wigwam and pea supports (not yet shown) – much thanks to the wonderful under-gardener for his support with this - being 6' he comes in handy.

Seeds sown in situ so far are parsnips, carrots, and salsify – just a couple of small rows of each as I want to string out the growing season as long as possible, I will sow another couple of small rows when the first ones are germinated.

The greenhouse is groaning under the weight of tomatoes (just gone out – yikes please no frost!), peas, courgettes, runner beans, sweet peas, broad beans.

What a weekend it’s been, first our anniversary, then my birthday, then we finish the hard-core work at the lottie – what more could a girl ask for!

Birthday bubbles

And birthday bubbles – lovely.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Gardening spans generations

Luke and Conor, our two youngest allotmenteers taking a break from their hard work for a PR shoot.  I’m looking forward to seeing these beds in a few months time.


Not only are they working on their plot, they are also helping a neighbour plot-holder remove all her turf as she is injured - so much energy!


......and the generation thing - the youngest who are both much taller than the oldest member.  Have you noticed how they make children so much taller these days!