Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rugby stopped play!!

Whilst I'm a totally passionate garden, some things just have to come before it - today's thing was the England France 6 Nations match - we (England!) won but not by a long chalk!!

So I had this morning up until 1430hrs to work the land - it was almost enough - I say almost because there is never enough time to spend on garden and allotments is there!

The pea shoots sown two weeks ago are showing good signs of life, they will very soon be dressing my salads – yum

I realise the small salad growing station in the garden currently looks like a graveyard with all the white 'headstones' but over the years if I've learnt anything it is to label! Salad leaves and radish are putting on good growth, this will soon put an end to buying supermarket salad for the foreseeable.

Other sowings today were:
Carrot Parmex - Peas Ceresa - Beetroot Detroit Crimson Globe - Radish French Breakfast - Spring Onion Apache - Chives
That's a fair amount of sowing and growing in a small 1m x 2m bed don't you think :)

I’m giving Sweet Pea Snoopie a go this year, these are small 12” non-climbing peas, which according the blurb says they are good for ground cover, I’m unsure yet whether to use them as ground cover or use them in a hanging basket.  I shall report back on their performance later in the year.

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