Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In the same week!

It’s hard to believe that these two pictures were taken either end of the same week!  Spiders are amazing aren’t they – I wonder if they are aware how beautiful their webs become when frost covers them?  And then for the week to turn into the glorious blue sky we had showing life to come in the Magnolia stellata


Veg seeds are pushing up fast, my tomato seeds, Moneymaker, have turned into long-leggy supermodels waiting patiently on the windowsill, thankfully the Chilli’s Anaheim are not through just yet as space is hard to find.

Outside the salad leaves, radish and lettuce (Valdor) have all germinated well – so no more frost thank you!  In the greenhouse the peas I sowed for shoots are all through, they will be on their way to my salad bowl soon.


I struggle to have favourite plants, in fact I can’t think of any I don’t like – but there is something really special about the early entertainers such as these really bright and cheerful crocus.  Talking of early show-stoppers – are Snowdrops the last flower of Winter or the first flower of Spring?



  1. Well, you snuck this blog past me, didn't you??

    Duly added to Google reader - if your stats show someone delving (being nosy) *ahem* catching up - that'll be me!

  2. How wonderful to see you here :)