Sunday, 18 March 2012

A sod is removed

Lots of pretty red lines to work with – surely I can’t go wrong!


After our long two year lead-in to this project, the first sod is cut in ‘anger’, actually Ian (it is Sunday, so Snowdrop gets his Sunday name!) cut the first one – oddly for one who isn’t a ‘keen’ gardener that he wanted to cut the first bit.  Is this a boy thing methinks!


Warrener Felix is on hand to check all goes well!


The first patch is that of Jerusalem Artichokes, not least because they will provide a much needed wind-break – air bases are nothing if not in winding locations!


The trusty bulb-planted is, in my view, the very best way to plant things such as Jerusalem Artichokes and spuds….more on spuds to come….

Starting on the spud patch…I planted a sack of First Early (slightly lateish) Swift spuds

I balanced on the gate (don’t tell the Boss!) to take this shot of the patch…there is still much to do but, oh my, HAPPY DAYS!!


I am the first to get up on the patch and start digging – many more are on the way.  Then we have the lovely stuff of sorting the BBQ, wild-flower planting, insect hotels etc to sort.

If you are reading this would you please leave me a comment as I som etimesfeel as though I’m talking to myself


  1. It's all looking fabulous Suzie ! And you are not talking to yourself ! :)

  2. If you are growing tatties in previously grassed ground, aren't you expecting wireworm ? Just a thought...(As I drool longingly at the thought of all that space, and permission to grow on it !)

  3. I haven't sent them an invite Snohare - so I'm really hoping they don't try and gate-crash the party!! :O