Tuesday, 10 May 2011

May 2011

It was with heavy heart that we moved out of Benson last week, whilst it was a wind-tunnel and brought the usual clay soil issues to be dealt with, it is always very hard to undo the garden that you have made in such a short space of time.  I have left much more than I normally would in a military garden, sadly some plants just look like they wanted to stay – I really hope the next occupants are gardeners otherwise I may get a hefty bill in the post!

The removal men took one look at all the plants that I had potted up from my Benson garden and asked for a cup of tea, some biscuits and a sit down!

Cardoon lording it over the low planting
My (left behind) Cardoon, planted through a mass of lavender, was full of promise of bright colours to attract pollinating insects, together with the lilac that is about to break open and add to the honey bar for the bees, one of which was seen happily munching on the comfrey flowers whilst waiting for the explosion of nectar. I shall have to use my imagination as to how this will all look.

Whilst I was moving sheds, tools, compost and other essential equipment to my new allotment I managed to secure a heavy dose of sun-stroke, in spite of wearing a hat and using sun cream!

The weather was really hot, rather too hot for a three-hour stint of moving heavy garden items 200 yards from truck to allotment, however in amongst off-loading I managed to get two raised beds filled with my home-made compost and then covered them with weed suppressant material to ensure the moisture stays in the lovely compost until I can get back to them. I have courgettes, peas and beans all at early growth stages to get into these beds hopefully next week.

Kerris double

There is some wonderful colour in the garden/pots just now - Kerria, both single and double, blend beautifully with the Heuchera and Alchemilla mollis, the pot of tulips, pansies and wallflowers, that were planted up last autumn, have given me instant colour outside my new front door.

Heuchera and Alchemilla mollis
My aim now is to get a design together for my new garden, this time it will be given over mainly to flowers as I have an allotment for main veg and fruit growing, I will, however, use wall troughs at home to grow salad leaves, radish and some herbs – whilst the garden may be small there are walls to be put to good growing use, no space will be wasted.

How beautiful is this Tulip!
I have been approached by an RAF Officer, based at our new camp, to assist with the development of a potential allotment site on camp, whilst it is early days in the project; I am so excited by the thought of what could unfold, ideas for the development are coming thick and fast from my forum pals – what stars they are.

Pilks basking in the sun

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