Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Following in Dad's footsteps

I'm told my garden training started at age 18 months (approx) where I would be found waddling amongst the rows of peas whilst Dad  set to with the digging - I developed a love of eating veg at a very early age, that's not to say I didn't like chocolate as well, but sadly Dad wasn't able to grow that!

The gardening passion left me whilst I was growing through my teenage years, there seemed to be other interests that needed my attention - such as clothes, music and boys.  Once safely into adulthood my passion returned - thankfully.

Due to lack of garden space, most of my early gardening was to grow flowers, herbs and veg in pots, this is an excellent way of gaining confidence and knowledge - it appears to be more controllable and less daunting then a large patch that may need a major over-haul.

My first major challenge came in the form of an acre of land attached to my cottage in Stenalees, St. Austell, Cornwall - this was more an acre of bracken and boy was it scary!  We managed to get half of it cultivated before life's circumstances meant that we had to move away from there.  I would love to go back and ask if I could have a look around!

In 1993 I married the present Mr. W who was (still is at time of writing) serving with the Royal Air Force - this meant from here on in my gardening was going to be transient.  Oh and how!

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