Thursday, 3 May 2012

Can peas do front crawl?

I ask because mine are currently floating albeit not on their backs - yet!
This was the sight that greeting me at the lottie today, having first negotiated my way through the gate, which was sitting nicely in the middle of a moat. 

I did consider jumping in to save the peas but as there was no one else around to hear my drowning screams I thought 'you're on your own lads, I've always got Bird's Eye to call on'

2012_05_03 Blogspot

2012_05_03 Blogspot2
Jerusalem Artichokes doing a good rendition of Hawaii 5 O


The broad bean bed (middle) is not looking overly inviting for the beans that are due to go in tomorrow!

The upside is that spuds like water – silver cloud and all that!


  1. Not sure if peas can swim but I do hope potatoes can!!!

    1. Oh I say! You'll be fine, spuds love water. I went up today to check out and was really surprised to see it had all drained away - amazing.