Sunday, 15 April 2012

Plot 13 - full house

So, with opening day just four weeks ago - the first sod having been cut in anger, although we weren't overly angry, more ecstatic, we are now in a situation of having a full house plus two on the waiting list!  Who said Service personal were not gardeners eh!

I remember on one of our coffee meetings, the Boss and I saying 'imagine if we have no takers and that it was just you and I digging plots' - it was our worst fear, but it was always ever groundless- thankfully!

View from my Shed
There is much in the way of canes and netting and soil-warming stuff, it is a plot in waiting!

Back at  home, a blaze of red to cheer us from the tulips and the Phoinia 'Red Robin' ...lovely

The Under-Gardener having a brief rest



  1. Love the tulips. Is Ian brewing his own beer as well.......looking like the good life to me.

  2. Ah no - that is a jolly pint of Spitfire wot wot ;)